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Success Story of Darwin Horan

Darwin Horan has a well known personality especially in association with the Ventana Capital Inc. He has been running this venture as an owner and president which oversee the development of the commercial properties. The venture of Darwin Horan is a well established one in Colorado. He has a huge portfolio of different properties and his investments seem to appear in almost all the sectors. No matter you talk about the oil and gas sector or you talk about properties he has been serving the venture with all his efforts and skills.
Success Story!
This venture was established by him years ago and till now has been serving the entire state in a fruitful way. Being interested in philanthropy services he has been serving a number of community services and has been leading and coaching a number of sports communities as well. Darwin Horan Colorado association with the business properties has been known to the entire world and the way he works is also commendable. With his very own efforts day and night he has established the VentanaCapital Inc and this venture is flourishing day and night like anything.

This level of success attained by this personality has been his dream from a very young age and he made everything possible with his entire struggle. Since he was interested in business from his childhood, he also had the Business Studies as his major subject. His generosity has always been remarkably high lighted in very instance as he donates without even considering the amounts. He holds about several properties amounting to the 12000 acres land and as far as the value of his assets is concerned he holds about the assets of $200 million worth. He has been leading the business from the past two decades and in these 20 years he has taken his business to the highest level which is entirely unimaginable.

His name has always been remembered the moment the best entrepreneurs in the world of property are being discussed. However, in the same way, he has travelled to a number of different parts of the world as well where he has been treated as a well known personality all because of his success in the context of the Darwin Horan Ventana Capital Inc. He has also been awarded with a number of awards in his career for his outstanding performance in the property industry. He has been a motivation and an inspiration to a number of new entrepreneurs entering in the world of property business.
 The way he works and his tremendous style is what everyone wishes to strive for however, getting this completely is entirely impossible.

He has been leading the property business like a king and has supported a number of people to get into the business and maintain a position somewhere. His generosity despite of being so successful has always been a point to be remarked and he never misses the chance to help anyone in his life. He has also attained this position step by step by working with several different estates and right after gaining sufficient experience he has now setup his own venture.

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Darwin Horan is a name that is familiar to every big or small company in United States. Darwin Horan lives in Colorado and runs a company names Ventana Capital Inc. it is known that there are very few people who are as successful as Darwin Horan living in Canada.
 Ventana Capital Inc is a home building and land Management Company in Colorado, Canada. Darwin Horan is chief executive officer as well as the president of this company. He has enormous experience as well as knowledge in his field. His experiences date back to almost more than 20 years in industry.
Darwin Horan graduated from Arizona State University. He started his professional career by just working in home building and land management industry. In this industry, Darwin Horan remained as the head of  Denver Division as well as the north division of Writer homes for many years. Working their Horan was able to gain experience to set up his own company. This company was named as Ventana Capital Inc in Colorado.
The portfolio of Darwin Horan mentions over 250$ millions of the real estate which is managed by the company, with18 subdivisions, 140000 square feet and 120000 acres of space. Horan fulfilled his responsibilities as the head of associated operations in many estate projects which include telecom site brokerage and development of water storage.
Apart from these, Darwin Horan also has a large number of achievements in other sectors. He has many interests, beside business. He is a very social person and has a lot of interest in many sports and sport activities. He also works for community service and humanitarian programs. His major interests are in Jiu Jitsu, fly fishing and coaching football. He support the Denver teams approach of Darwin Horan. Presently, his company is working on the development of Castle Pine Parkway and Lagae Ranch. Some projects which he has covered are Sierra Ridge, Painted Prairie and water front. known as Nuggets and Broncos.
The high success levels of Ventana Capital Inc. are due to excellent business
Darwin Horan is head of important positions in Denver. These positions include Castle eParks Authority and Oversight Community Appointment. Darwin Horan has emerged as most respected person in Colorado, as he plays role in the development of society by helping the needy people and by enabling the environment for social benefits. Douglas county is the place where he spends most of his time these days with his wife.

Darwin Horan Founder of Ventana Capital Inc

Darwin Horan is the founder of company named as ventana capital. Ventana capital is an investment, land acquisition and development company in Colorado. Ventana capital management by Darwin horan is a highly successful and has been chasing to prosperity for more than 20 years. In the 20 years of hard work, ventana capital by Darwin horan has achieved a milestone of development of more than 20000 lots and 15000 attached as well as detached single family homes. Among a very few successful businessmen in colorado, Denver, the name of Darwin horan is at the top.
Darwin horan started his career as head of Denver division and North division of writers homes. He stuck to that career for long and then in 1995 he developed his own company. The credit goes to his hard work and expertise that now Darwin horan is a landlord of more than 12000 acres land in Colorado with 180000 square feet of office space. Ventana capital exists as a real state business company and is involved in the development of approximately 17 sub divisions. Darwin horan who is leading these successes of the company is an expert in property management, construction, development of water storage and many others.
Ventana capital management aims to serve on metro district boards. Darwin horan as a person outside his career and successes is a kind hearted one. Ventana capitalpartners support many charity programs and provide donations on very large scale. They believe that their success is due to this community so they try to pay it back to their community. Darwin horan pays back to community by providing coaching services to high school sports teams including football, track and field teams. He is also a supporter of organizations like fellowship of Christian athletes and special Olympics. All this refers to the fact that he is very fond of sports and games and of course community services. The favorite hobbies of this amazingly interesting person include playing jiu jitsu and fly fishing.
Darwin horan has graduated from Arizona State university with a bachelors in business studies. He founded the ventana capital inc in 1995. From that time, till now the company is progressing day by day, bringing more and more projects to its founder and doubling and tripling the money. Travelling is another passion of Darwin horan and for ventana capital partners, he has to travel a lot. Major destinations to which he travels regularly are Mexico and Caribbean. It is due to the ventana capital management and the team working behind it that this company is booming day by day.

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Darwin Horan – CEO of one of the most successful land development companies in the United States

If the discussion is about land development, home entitlements and industry properties in Denver, Darwin Horan is one name that comes to mind.  He has dominated this business area for more than 3 decades. As the CEO of Ventana Capital, this business mogul is in charge of a number of real estate and energy developments. He has overseen the construction of over 14,000 homes and the development of more than 19,000 lots, as well as entitlements of more than 34,000 properties. Darwin Horan was in charge of the construction of several financial industry properties, which includes a variety of water storage entities, telecom site brokerage, and many other ventures.
Besides his business venture, Darwin equally engages in other philanthropic activities in his community. He has contributed part of his wealth to groups such as Battered Women’s Shelter, Special Olympics, and other humanitarian service groups. The seasoned business mogul also has other humanitarian interest like contributing to Rocky Mountain Service, which promotes early education and workforce training in the Denver area. Mr. Horan can really be considered a jack of all trades with his interest in several human activities in life. He is a strong sports lover with strong interest in jiu jitsu, fly fishing as well as running. Darwin has coached track and high school football teams. He has a keen interest in some professional sports teams such as the Broncos and Nugget.
As the chief executive officer and president of the Ventana Capital Inc, Mr. Horan has acquired more than 20 years industry experience while as he took the Englewood based organization to another height in that period. Under his directions, Ventana Capital has established one of the largest real estate portfolios in Denver. Its residential properties and office buildings covers several thousands of square feet. Other standard projects include water storage development, oil and gas, and telecommunication. Before attaining to this enviable height, Darwin had served as the president of the Writer Homes (Northern division) and D.R. Horten Inc  (Denver Division).
His philanthropic lifestyle cannot be overlooked as well. He is also a religious person, as shown in his fellowship award of the Christian Athletics Lifetime Achievement. Mr. Darwin has been appointed at one time or another as head of civic groups such as Mayor Webb Oversight Committee, Castle Pine Park Authority, Castle Pines North, and Coaches of Excellence.
A construction professional and a real estate developer with a career spanning more than 2 decades, Horan paved the way for his great achievement in the Arizona State University when he was a business student.  Currently, he is the CEO and president of the prestigious Ventana Capital Inc, and entitlement and land Development Company with headquarters in Colorado.

There is no doubt that the Darwin Horan has made a name in land development and venture capital development. Another fascinating thing about the company is the owners desire to grow and expand into other businesses.  The organization has developed a host of financial districts with a total bonding capacity in the region of $180 million.

Darwin Horan

Ventana Capital Partners also known as Ventana is a firm situated in Wilmington, in the state of Delaware in United States of America. The company provides consultation to private firms and companies who want to upgrade to public level. Owning a public organization is difficult as it requires experienced professionals. However, Ventana Capital Partners has longstanding relations with reputable and recognized service providers that letthe company to customize packages according to the demands and needs of the clients.
The aim and motive of Ventana Capital Partners is to educate its clients so that they can fulfil the filing requirements of a public company, can easily access markets for raising capital and can keep the public aware of their stock. In general, Ventana Capital Partners provides consultation to companies, sellers, buyers and to public and private parity participants.
One of the ventures of Ventana is Ventana Capital Inc., owned and managed by Darwin Horan. This company is a land development company based in Colorado. It was founded in 1991 and now provides land and property investment services.
Development of such firm is not so easy and it requires huge investment, understanding of laws as well as the ability to negotiate with contractors, landscapers and architects. But Mr. Darwin Horan very efficiently managed all this and now has twenty years of experience in land management and home building. Before holding the seat of CEO at Ventana Capital Inc., he was the manager of North and Denver Division of the Writer Homes for a couple of years.
The prominence of Mr. Darwin Horan is worth appreciating as when it comes to real state in Colorado, his name is the first to be worth mentioned. Currently, he manages 82 acres of Hunters West development, Castle Pine Parkway and 250 acres of Lagae Ranchein Colorado. He has also overseen several other projects such as Sieraa Ridge Water front and Painted Prairie.
As a renowned land and property developer, Darwin Horan has more than $250 million in his portfolio of real estate with 18 subdivisions and greater than 140,000 square feet of land.
If we talk about his personality, Mr. Darwin Horan can be called as a man of spirit, vision and enthusiasm. He has considerable knowledge and remarkable business experience. His determined personality, liberal vision, hard work and unswerving passion gives him the strength to deal with his much competent rivals in business such as oho investments, Michigan realty solutions and few others. It is through his hard work and devotion that he is able to achieve such a reputable position.

Mr. Darwin is a great philanthropist and is involved in several humanitarian service groups. He also funds non-profit organizations such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Rocky Mountain Service Employment Redevelopment, the Challenge Foundation, the Special Olympics, and the Battered Woman's Shelter. Mr. Darwin also spends a considerable part of his time in leisure activities. He is quite keen about fly-fishing, JiuJitsu and also coaches football and track team players.

Darwin Horan's Ventana Capital Inc Tracks Lucrative Property Deals

Ventana Capital, a real estate development company in Colorado, was established in 1991 and provides  real estate investments. Ventana Capital Inc operates in the Landscape Architectural Services industry; of which veteran land developer Darwin Horan provided more than 20 years of experience to his position as the president and principal of Ventana Capital.

The company owns thousands of acres of land, and as a land acquisition, development and Investment company with properties throughout Colorado, Darwin Horan's Ventana Capital Inc owns $140 million worth of land in Colorado which includes some 200,000 square feet of office space across the state. With a portfolio which is worth more than $200 million, the company also owns $50 million worth of land under contract.
Apart from Darwin Horan's extensive real estate background, his portfolio also includes -
- residential and commercial property management
- real estate brokerage
- water storage development
- construction
- metropolitan district management
- telecom site brokerage
- oil and gas
Recognizing Growth Opportunities in Real Estate
In addition to that Darwin Horan's portfolio of ownership also includes oil and gas projects as well as other strategic partnerships across a number of different industries. He is also actively involved in residential and commercial real estate development and has entitled more than 35,000 properties to date. Darwin Horan  is also the owner of Delta Investments and Computer Network Advisors as well as others.

Increasing the Value of Properties
Darwin Horan's experience is broad and includes the development of more than 20,000 lots as well as the construction of more than 15,000 attached- as well as detached single family homes. Taking this into account, Ventana Capital's real estate portfolio is one of the biggest in Colorado. Darwin Horan also supervises the development of subdivisions on prime real estate, and having studied business at Arizona State University, he was well equipped to be able to identify lucrative opportunities when he saw them. He has been able to purchase real estate, make improvements to buildings and land, and sell the real estate again at an enormous profit. Developers like Darwin Horan take risks in the creation as well as the renovation of real estate and reap great rewards.
Darwin Horan studied business at Arizona State University before starting on his real estate development career. Before he launched Ventana Capital, it was in the Rocky Mountains region where he also held a variety of leadership positions with prominent home developers as well as serving as a regional president for D.R. Horton, one of the largest home builders in Colorado and Homes.

Darwin Horans Loses Himself in Relaxing Activities
Born in 1964, when not involved in his business, Darwin Horan is a married man with four children who lives in Douglas County, Colorado, where he is a prominent leader and plays a strong role in County growth and development. As a supporter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Special Olympics, he takes part in sports such as fly fishing and jiu jitsu and also travels to exotic destinations such as the Caribbean.

For relaxation at home, the man behind  Ventana Capital Inc is found following the Denver Broncos and the Denver Nuggets. Horan is involved with communities and nonprofit initiatives; he also has made donations to some of the local schools and has even coached a number of school sports teams as a supporter of various charities.

A Look at Darwin Horan’s Ventana Capital Inc

Darwin Horan is the CEO and president of Ventana, Capital Inc. a Englewood, Colorado based land development and entitlement company. Currently the company is well-respected in the area, with acquisition of more than 34,000 lots and 15,000 homes throughout the state. Ventana supports numerous efforts and has even assisted with financial district constrictions. The company currently holds more than $170 million worth of binding capacity for various commercial businesses in the area.

DarwinHoran attended Arizona State University, studying business, and began working immediately after graduation. He held top positions with North Division of Writer homes as well as Denver Division of D.R. Horton. Darwin is the ‘man in charge,’ as many would say, yet he still remains actively involved with the various real estate transactions and developments in the city. He oversees all of the operations of the company. When there is free time, Horan enjoys coaching high school football, and is involved with the track and field teams. He, along with the company, also support a variety of special organizations including the Special Olympics and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Fly fishing and Jiu jitsu are among the interests that he has, and he is a fan of, who else, but the Denver Nuggets NBA team and the Denver Broncos NFL team. 
Bringing more than 20 years of real estate experience to the market, Horan understands the importance of satisfying the needs of the customer time and time again, and continually is able to do this with his outstanding work and professionalism.

Ventana makes the Properties that you want
There is so much beautiful land in the Denver area, and Ventana Capital Inc. makes good use of that land, building trendy commercial properties throughout the area. The Waterfront, Hunters Run West and Red Rocks Center are among the properties that Horan and his team at Ventana have acquired.
Although the properties built on each of these pieces of land is unique in its own way, they all share one thing in common, and that is the expertise behind the building of each new establishment that goes up. Ventana can assist almost anyone in starting their business in one of his already acquired lots, or in the lot of their choice.

The Bottom Line

With hundreds of companies of its kind in the area, it can be difficult to choose a land development company that will not let you down. The record speaks for itself, however, and Horan and his team have built a solid reputation as a builder that you can trust. No matter what type of business you have, the amount of space needed, or the amenities that you want, this is the land development company that can give you so much more than you ever expected. If you’re ready to start your business in a trendy location with lots of appeal, it is Ventana Capital Inc. that you want to call without delay. You will love what they can do for you, as well as all that they have to offer.  

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Darwin Horan – a Leader in The Land Development And Properties Industry

DarwinHoran is a renowned name in the home entitlements, land development and properties industry. He has been in this business spanning more than 30 years. Darwin Horan is the owner of Ventana Capital, a home property industry that has built and designed more than 15,000 homes. As the CEO, he has really taken the company to greater heights since its establishment.
DarwinHoran has overseen the design and construction of more than 15,000 homes and the development of over 20,000 lots, as well as entitlements of over 34,000 properties. He is indeed the practical definition of success in the home and property industry.He has headed the construction and development of several financial industry properties, including a variety of water storage entities, telecom site brokerage, and lots more.
DarwinHoran is not only a businessman, but is equally a philanthropist and someone who loves travelling a lot. He has engaged is several philanthropic activities in his community in groups such as Battered Women’s Shelter, Special Olympics, and a host of other humanitarian service groups. This business veteran also engages in other humanitarian activities such as contributions in Rocky Mountain Service, an organization that promotes early education and workforce training in the Denver area.
He is also a sports lover with his interest in several sporting activities including Jiu jitsu, fly fishing and running. Darwin Horan has equally coached track and high school football teams in the Denver area. He also loves watching some professional sports teams such as Bronkos and Nugget in Denver.
As the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Ventana Capital, DarwinHoran has gained more than 20 years industry experience in the property management industry. He has taken the company to an enviable height since he established the company.
Under his direction, Venture Capital Inc has acquired one of the largest real estate portfolios in Denver. Its office buildings and residential properties cover several thousand square feet.

The company has undertaken other high standard projects under the direction of Mr.Horan. It has undertaken projects in areas such as water storage development, oil and gas and telecommunication. Before his rise to the CEO of Ventana Capitals INC, Horan had served as the president of the Writer Homes (North Division) and D.R. Horten Inc  (Denver Division). His philanthropic lifestyle is also something that marvels a lot of people.
Darwin Horan is very religious, as shown in his fellowship award of the Christian Athletics Lifetime Achievement. He has held several post in his community as head of civic groups like Webb Oversight Committee, Castle Pine Park Authority, Castle Pines North and Coaches of Excellence.

Mr.Darwin Horan is indeed the one whom so many aspiring businessmen are looking up to. Interestingly, he is always willing to coach anyone who wants to follow his footsteps and succeed just like him. Unlike many of his peers who tend to hoard their knowledge, he is always willing to educate those who are aspiring to be leaders in the construction and property management industry.

Darwin Horan Ventana Capital Inc

Developing real estate requires financial investment as well as a solid understanding of zoning laws, negotiating with local authorities, contractors such as landscapers and architects, business owners as well as representative of local residents. Entrepreneurs with the skills to develop commercial real estate for instance have been able to  pave their way forward to a lucrative career, and Darwin Horan Ventana Capital Inc has done just that; acquiring land which has been developed into residential and commercial buildings.

Anything to do with land development in Colorado, and the name Darwin Horan comes to mind, simply because his stamp of professionalism is on all his property developments and he has dominated this industry for decades. Darwin Horan Ventana Capital Inc understands the growing trend towards green and sustainable development; they understand that every property comes with a set of regulations to control development and aspects around land use, floor area, building lines, parking provisions among others. Darwin Horan is the president and the CEO of Ventana Capital Inc which is a home building and land management company in Colorado.

A Visionary Business Approach

Having graduated from the Arizona State University, he knows all the ins and out of the home building and land management industry like the back of his hand, having started early in this industry. Before setting up his own company Ventana Capital Inc, he was head of the Denver Division and North Division of the Writer Homes for a number of years and built up a huge amount of experience.

The success of Darwin Horan Ventana Capital Inc has been due to his visionary business approach; being able to see and predict successful developments. He has also overseen the development of the 250 acre Lagae Ranch as well as the Castle Pine Parkway, not to mention the establishment of the 82 acre Hunter West Development. These are just some of his successful projects, there are more projects which he has overseen.

Involved in Many Community Services

As a renowned land and property developer, Darwin Horan has more than $250 million in his portfolio of real estate with 18 subdivisions and more than 140,000 square feet and 12,000 acres of space. He has overseen the construction of over 15,000 homes as well as the development of more than 20,000 lots and entitlements of over 34,000 properties.  Darwin Horan Ventana Capital Inc also heads a number of associated operations in a number of estate projects such as  water storage development among others. It is hard to believe that this businessman manages time for anything else but in fact he is involved in many different community services .

As a philanthropist and someone who has a love for traveling, he is involved in a number of  philanthropic activities in his community such as Battered Women’s Shelter as well as quite a few other humanitarian service groups.  He is also involved in other humanitarian activities such as Rocky Mountain Service, which works at promoting early education and workforce training in and around Denver, Colorado.  With the active role he plays in helping the needy as well as being a dedicated Christian who is a member also of several Christian societies, it is small wonder he is such a respected businessmen in Colorado.

An Ordinary Side to an Astounding Businessman

DarwinHoran Ventana Capital Inc isn't only about business, because this successful businessman is interested in much more. He has an interest in several sporting activities, particularly Jiu Jitsu and fly fishing as well as coaching football. Today he lives with his wife in Douglas County but is still willing to impart his hard earned knowledge to anyone who wants to pick his brain on how to succeed in the construction and property management industry. 

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The words zeal and zest fit in perfectly for one person and that person is undoubtedly Darwin Horan from Colorado. The city Colorado has not seen a businessman and a philanthropist greater than him. His personality reflects joy, happiness, excitement and vibes of ambition and positivity. Darwin Horan Colorado, the man known for his expert business skills, is currently serving as the president and CEO of a successful home building and management company titled Ventana Capital Inc. This leading company is based in Englewood, Colorado. Working for more than 30 years in the competent field of business, he has built this company with the fullest of his passion and commitment and has made it one of the leading companies in Colorado.  Currently, Darwin Horan Colorado owns 12,000 acres of land, 180,000 sq feet of official buildings and approximately more than $200 million assets. His extensively spread entity enables him and his company to enjoy one of the highest ranked company present in Colorado.

After completing his education from Arizona State University, Darwin Horan Colorado began his work in the field of business and land management. He gained valuable experience from working as the presiding officer in Denver Division and North Division of the Writer Homes. After gaining several years of experience Darwin was able to build his dream company the” Ventana Capital Inc”. The company holds a prestigious position in the area and acquires about 34,000 lots and 15,000 homes across the country .His bonding capacity is worth $170 million, which enables him to easily undertake other big commercialized projects in the country.
Darwin Horan Colorado’s ambitious personality, enlightened vision, hard work, consistent passion gives him the strength to deal with his much competent rivals in business such as Michigan realty solutions, oho investments and multifamily utility and others. Darwin Horan Colorado, through his hard work and ambition, has conveyed the message that if we work with honesty and passion there is nothing that can stop us from reaching our goals and dreams.
Apart from this, Darwin HoranColorado has also been working on several other ventures such as residential real estate properties, projects of oil and gas, and projects related to various industries. He does not limit his creativity to business only; instead he gets himself involved in several other activities such as travelling, sports and charity or humanitarian causes. He had served as a coach for high school football team, organized the event of Special Olympics and had also contributed to build Batterd Women’s Shelter. He is fond of sports such as jiu jitsu and fly fishing. His keen interest in extracurricular activities contributes immensely in balancing his business and social life.

In addition to his exceptional business life, Darwin Horan Colorado also enjoys a perfect personal life. He is married with four children and resides in Douglas County. Taking out time from his business activities, Darwin Horan Colorado never misses an opportunity to spend time at home with his family and live his life to the fullest. Quality time with his family and friends is something that he considers an essential part of his life, which he cannot afford to miss at any cost.


Darwin Horan is the president and CEO of Ventana Capital Inc. This company is based in Colorado and is about land development and entitlement. The company gained more respect recently in the area with acquisition of more than 15,000 homes and 34,000 lots throughout the state.The company assisted with financial district constrictions and supports currently numerous efforts related to the field. The company holds currently over $170 million worth of binding capacity for different commercial businesses in the state. The president, Darwin Horan, studied business at Arizona State University and started working directly after his graduation. Many described him as the man in charge and he held key positions with Denver Division of D.R. Horton as well as North Division of Writer homes. He remains involved actively with the different real estate developments and transactions in the city.

 He is still the one who oversees all of the processes of the company. He uses his free time with field and track teams and in coaching high school football. With the company, he supports a diversity of special organizations such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Special Olympics. Some of his interests are Jiu Jitsu and fly fishing. He is a fan of the Denver Broncos NFL team and the Denver Nuggets NBA. The president of Ventana Capital Inc. has more than twenty years of experience in the real estate. Therefore, he uses his professionalism and outstanding work for meeting the needs of the client.The company makes the properties of your dream and according to your desire. Even if Ventana has numerous competitors in the market including oho investments, Michigan reality solutions and many others, the company stands by these serious competitors thanks to Horan’s vision, foresightedness, and determination to be able to compete in the market showing hard work in order to make your dream true related to properties. In addition, his enthusiasm is really attractive. 

Darwin Horan is not only a businessman but also a family man who does not miss an opportunity to spend time with his family. The aspiring growth of Ventana Capital Inc. made Darwin Horan a role model for growing businessmen. In addition, he wants to coach those who want to become leaders in the property management industry. The company makes a good use of the area by building, throughout it, trendy commercial properties. Among the properties acquired by Horan and his team are the Red Rocks Center, Hunters Run West, and Waterfront. Ventana can help anyone in setting up a business in the lot of their choice or in one of the company’s acquired lots. There are numerous companies doing business in land development and it can be hard to choose a reliable company among them. However, Darwin Horan Ventana Capital Inc. built a strong reputation as a reliable builder. You do not have to worry about the nature of your business or the space you need, not even the amenities that you want because Ventana will give you more than you expected.

Darwin Horan

VentanaCapital Management is one of the primogenital companies in USA that are specialized in the start-up of new companies. The firm is situated in San Juan Capistrano in the US state of California and makes investments during the expansion stage of the companies that are in their earlier stages of entrepreneurial ventures.
Since its inception, Ventana Capital Management has financed more than 70 companies. The firm pursues union opportunities which arise at the overlaps of the sectors, particularly at the interfaces of biotechnology and innovative energy. Currently, it focuses to invest in wireless communications, semiconductors, communication infrastructure and drug discovery and development companies. In the case of innovative energy, its focus is on bio-fuels, bio-gases, batteries, fuel cells, energy supply, new energy diffusion, use and storage and hydrogen economy technologies. In tech industry, Ventana Capital Management focuses on wired and wireless broadband infrastructure and digital media infrastructure. In the field of biotechnology, it plans to invest on life sciences, drug research, drug developmental tools, broadband, medical technology, telemedicine, networking infrastructure, on environmental with a special focus on water treatment, air pollution control, water remediation and recycling, perilous and solid waste management, generation of power, biotechnology, genomics, health and medicine, informatics, robotics, agribusiness, trade and manufacturing companies.
Just like Ventana Capital Management, Ventana Capital Inc. is another company founded by Darwin Horan. Ventana Capital Inc. is a land management, acquisition, development and home building company in the city of Denver in US state of Colorado.
Mr. Darwin, current CEO and founder of Ventana Capital Inc. studied business at Arizona State University. He then moved to Colorado and served as the president of the North Division of Writer Homes. Consequently, he joined as the president of the Denver Division of the leading homebuilding company in Colorado. Later,Mr. Darwin Horan established his own firm in the city of Englewood named as Ventana Capital Inc.
Mr. Horan is considered to be one of the most successful businessmen in Colorado. He has more than 20 years of experience in home building and land development industry. He has established more than 15,000 single-family houses and 20,000 other houses both detached and attached type. About 12,000 acres of land as well as 180,000 square feet of office space in Colorado and development of 17 subdivisions is currently under the control of Ventana Capital. Mr. Horan is expert in construction, residential property management, water-storage development and metropolitan-district management.
Apart from his day to day work, Mr. Darwin is also extensively involved in community services and has been honoured to hold prominent positions in the District of Denver.

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Darwin Horan, CEO and President of Ventana Capital Inc., has 17 subdivisions underway, more than $200 million of asset, 180,000 square feet of office building, and 12,000 acres of land. This makes the real estate portfolio of the company one of the biggest in Colorado.
The extensive experience of Darwin includes construction of more than 15,000 detached and attached single family homes, development of over 20,000 lots, and entitlement of more than 35,000 lots. Darwin Horan formed many financial districts with a bonding capacity of more than $170 million. The experienced businessman extended his portfolio by including metropolitan district management, water storage development, construction, real estate brokerage, residential and commercial property management, gas and oil, telecom site brokerage, and many various strategic partnerships in other markets.
Before to form Ventane Capital, Inc., Horan was President of the Denver Division for D.R Horton, which is the biggest builder of homes in Colorado. He was also President of the North Division of Writer Homes.
Darwin  Horan supports strongly the community and donates generously to local nonprofit organizations and schools. He coaches numerous sport teams for children and served on various boards and metropolitan districts including Mayor Webb’s Oversight Committee, Castle Pines Parks Authority, Castle Pines North, City Council, and Coaches of Excellence. He received the Fellowship of Christian Lifetime Achievement. Horan is still one of the most respected and seasoned members of the Colorado development community. He is also among its most prominent leaders. You can notice that he is not only a successful businessman but also his social life is high with his interest in numerous humanitarian works and sporting activities mentioned above.
Darwin Horan lives in Douglas City, Colorado where he is still playing a major role in County development and growth. He is married and has four children. He is also the head of associated operations in numerous estate projects including water storage development and site brokerage.
The success rate of his company, Ventana Capital Inc. was due largely to his astute business approach. Currently, Darwin  Horan oversees the development of the 250 acre Lagae Ranch andCastle Pine Parkway. He has overseen also other important standard projects including Sierra Ridge, Painted Prairie, and Water Front.
Ventana Capital flourished under the leadership of Darwin Horan. Currently, the company boosts of over $150 million worth of land in Denver. This big area crosses from the Fort Collins to the Colorado Springs. Horan took a big part in numerous philanthropic activities in his communities and in other parts of Denver. He acquired additional land under contract in Colorado of $10 million. He is planning to develop this land into office, residential, and commercial buildings.Darwin Horan played a major role in providing a favorable environment for social benefits and helping the needy. By doing so, he strengthened his reputation as one of the most respected businessmen in the region. He is a devoted Christian and values his family life as he spends most of his time with his wife in Douglas County.

CEO of Ventana Capital

The name of Ventana Capital in the real estate sector of the entire Colorado is well known; the success of the company is a highly widespread one and is now reputedly known outside Colorado as well. The major role of the management and ownership of the Ventana Capital is being held by the famous personality Darwin Horan.
Darwin has a great reputation and he has given the most important years of his life to this venture. He has been working hard for the success of his company from the very start of his career and he always believes in working hard and attaining a level of success that is always the right tracked oriented. A number of people believe in being successful by walking on the wrong path however, Darwin Horan is among those people who always select the right and disciplined track in order to be justified and honest in his dealing.
Being the CEO of Ventana Capital, Darwin Horan has always taken a lot of interest in the success of the company and to take to the highest possible position in the real estate industry he has done everything in the best possible way. For Darwin, Ventana Capital is his life and his assets which he looks after personally in every matter, the minor detail of the company are also being looked after by him personally and he never delegates the management task to anyone else.
He has a firm belief that working hard may make the business the most ideal one and a machine that keeps generating the successful moves along with a mind-blowing revenue. From past many years his efforts for the Ventana Capital have taught him the right tactics of leadership and he has been applying that strategy in his personal life as well.
He has also been serving the philanthropic sector as well by making as many donations and efforts as possible. The CEO of Ventana Capital, Darwin Horan is also an active sports person and plays a number of different sports too. He has an experience of about 20 years which is definitely worth mentioning as with this experience in the development and home building industry is very rare to find. He looks after a number of different properties from past many years that are a successful one and are of much importance to the state, he oversees things in a proficient way and manages things with his mind and diverse ideas and thoughts.
Even looking at the current state of his work one may look at the way he has been acquiring the different lands and at the same time he has plans to develop the home buildings, offices, and commercial properties in the country. The major cause of the flourishing real estate day by day is because of the efforts being made by the CEO of VentanaCapital as his contribution is remarkable and no other individual has invested this way. The country owes a lot to Darwin Horan for his selfless contributions.